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Hike Schedule:

Every Saturday through May, come to Sweet Memorial to meet the Hikemaster and as a group you will decide a route/destination based on the group. Time: Appoximately 9am-12pm.

All guests must sign Waiver! Click here to read.

All hikes leave from the Sweet Memorial Building where sign-up sheets are available two days prior to the hike date. Each hike is limited to a maximum of 14 people (sometimes limited to 9) so sign up early. Ask a Hikemaster or read about requisites - plan ahead for bigger hikes! Bring listed hike necessities and prepare to have fun! If you have more than five in your party, we ask you to talk with a Hikemaster before signing up to determine the best hike to fit everyone in your group. 

Join us for the informative Hiker’s Huddle at 7:00pm every Sunday in Hempel Auditorium (summer only). Learn about the week’s upcoming hikes, meet other hiking quests, find out the 10 essential hiking items, and see a slide show.

For those hiking on their own, Sweet Memorial offers maps and recommendations of trails in the surrounding area. Ask about dog-friendly trails.

You may request a hike in advance for your family & friends, or just yourself. Contact Andy Jozwiak: e-mail or 970-586-3341 ext. 1129.

  1. Hike request(s) must be received four weeks in advance of the date of the requested hike.

  2. Multiple requests must be prioritized.

  3. Please limit request to RMNP.

  4. Hike request approval/scheduling is totally at the discretion of the Program Hiking Staff. Please understand we are trying to accommodate all YMCA Guests by offering a wide variety of hikes every week making their summer experience as great as yours!

The fine print - “some restrictions apply”: We want all guests (children, parents, and other guests) to enjoy all we have to offer. It is recommended that children though 7th grades only sign-up for hikes under 4 miles. The Hikemaster will have discretion for hikes over 4 miles. A parent must accompany children through 9th grades on all program hikes. All hikes must have a minimum of two adults [in addition to the hikemaster(s)] when children are on the hike. For more info see Children under Sign Up and Prepare.